IDG Habits EN


To summerize, in this program, you get:

  • Daily accountability coaching on your IDG habits
  • 13 live sessions with coach and other members
  • 13 weeks access to coach.me
  • Space to share experiences and challenges with other leaders


In this program, we work on five skills in the Inner Development Goals framework.

The program has 7 steps:

  1. Week 1: Opening
  2. Week 2-4: Being
  3. Week 5-6: Thinking
  4. Week 7-8: Relating
  5. Week 9-10: Collaborating
  6. Week 11-12: Acting
  7. Week 13: Closing

How do you make sure you get started with these IDGs? By changing your behavior, and that’s harder than it seems. Our behavior consists 90 percent of the things we do without consciously thinking. By using the experiences of researchers like Wendy Wood, Charles Duhigg, Katy Milkman, and Daniel Kahneman, we can develop IDG habits.

Habits have the greatest impact on how we interact with the ecology and people around us. How and what we consume is directly linked to our habits. Buying stuff is the biggest polluter when you include waste, resources and energy (Babette Porcelijn). By developing our skills and changing our habits, we contribute to change.

Taking a small daily action to develop one of 23 skills is a good start.

Let’s get started on your IDG habits.

We are able to change this. Will you join us?

In step 1 you will learn about the IDGs, the connection with the SDG’s, habits, IDG habits, check-ins and accountability.

In steps 2 – 6 you will work on the five IDG skills that you want to develop, which takes no longer than 10 – 30 minutes per day.

In step 7 you will learn how to keep going and how to bring other people along.

When you join this group, you will complete the daily IDG habit independently. You will also be part of a virtual cohort of leaders completing the same exercises. Through Coach.me, you will be able to chat virtually with your coach and other cohort members during the week and join one virtual office hour each week to speak live with your coach.

In each step you will select one of the skills in that domain. You select the skill that you want to develop. Together we will find the tiny action you can do daily to work consciously the skills

You will report daily on the IDG habit progress to an IDG coach who will offer feedback, encouragement, and guidance. In addition, you’ll be able to see other leaders going through the same process and discuss your challenges with them, too.

Each week your coach will host a live “office hour” where you and others in the group can discuss the IDG habits and challenges and brag about your progress.

The weekly online meetings will be on Mondays starting at 9.00 am Central Time (Chicago) or 4:00 pm Central European Time (Amsterdam).


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