Do less, but better in one hour




A one hour session to simplify your work. Do less, but better.

The default for entrepreneurs with challenges is to work harder. When the business grows, work harder. When there is stress, work harder. When sales stabilize, work harder. This is not sustainable.

There are a lot of tools out there to help you to work smarter, getting more done in the same time. This is an endless race for more output, which just leads to more input, more opportunities, more work, more challenges.

For example when you send an email, this results in receiving 1,3 emails. When you reply fast to requests, people expect even faster responses from you next time.

The way out is to simplify the work. Do less, but better. Get a clear picture on what is important for your business and your life. Find your inner compass.

A one hour session to simplify your work. Do less, but better.

price € 129

What you get:

  • Clarity on your most important work,
  • 60 minutes in 1-on-1 conversation via Zoom,
  • my notes of our conversation, and
  • the video of our conversation.

Upon receipt of your payment you will receive an email with a link to schedule our session and further information.


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